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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Multi Tasking is not only a high tech word. It also suits itself well to construction.
While the plumbing and heating are being installed on the interior of the home, the deck is framed and built. We are using 2X8 pressure treated joists @ 16" on center and screwing down TREX "Accents" decking.

At the same time the windows and doors have been installed and the siding is being applied. First TYVEK is stapled in place and all of the window and door openings are taped and sealed. Then the corner boards are nailed in place as well as the window lintels, trim and sills are installed. All of the window & door lintels are also flashed with 1" "Z" flashing. 2x trim boards are added to the base of each wall and flashed. Hardiplank siding is then nailed and caulked. When the siding is completed the exterior will be ready for the painter.

The exterior front entry has also been completed with the open beams and posts. The base of each post will be framed out and finished with cultured stone. Instead of using hangers to connect the post and beams we used 3/4" Lag Bolts so that there are no metal hangers visible. The underside of the porch will be soffited with Tongue and Grove pine.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


This week with the framing done, although the shell is complete we can continue with the other exterior phases of the project. The roofing has been installed and the deck is being framed. When the deck is finished the siding will begin. When you get to this point it can be difficult to keep the various trades from stumbling over each other, but with a little attention it can be done.

Now begins the installation of the inner workings of any home. The Plumbing, the HVAC and the electrical. We like to have the plumbing done first. This way we avoid having the plumber try to maneuver around any wiring that may have been installed. As the plumber nears completion we will have the HVAC (heating-ventilation-air conditioning) installed. Then the electrician will be called in. I am in the process of completing the electrical plan and should be done this week.

Today I also met with our cabinet people to measure up the various rooms that will be receiving cupboards. We measure this early because it will take several weeks to build and finish the cabinets. I have always been a proponent of custom cabinets verses box cabinets that are purchased from a store. This way each area can be custom fitted, down to the inch, to take advantage of the space. No fillers means no wasted space. So it is important to not overlook this timing, otherwise you may be sitting waiting for the cabinets when you are ready for them.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

As a design and construction company, we play and important role for each of our clients from the time they bring their ideas to us to design them a new home, all the way through to the handing over the keys to the front door upon completion of the project. This home is currently under the design phase with new changes being implemented. It will be ready soon to move to the budgeting phase where the costs are calculated and financing can be put in place.

If you have any questions regarding your project, no matter what stage you find yourself, we are available to help answer your questions. They can be preliminary questions about costs and permitting, or they can encompass the scope of construction that will be necessary for you to complete your project.

Give us a call (360) 733-7206 or post your inquiry here. Or you can visit our Web Site at

Regards and good luck with your project.

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Now that the shell of the home is nearly finished, we can begin with all of the pick-up framing. This entails all of the sheetrock nailers that need to be added. As well as finishing off the bonus room and dormer. This will be

great added space for the homeowners. It is certainly inexpensive living square footage that would normally be lost to the attic. aIt can be used for any number of purposes such as a guest bedroom, a craft room or a great space for games, ie pool table or ping pong for the kids.

Also the gas firplace has been installed and is ready to be framed in for the finishes that will need to be applied.

After this we will be installing the windows and doors, which were delivered to the site on Friday this past week.

Tomorrow, as well, we will install the deck ledger to the back of the home and begin framing the deck.