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Monday, July 25, 2011

The stairs stringers are cut and installed and the treads and risers are nailed down.

The upper floor walls are then layed out and installed.

With the walls braced and ready for trusses we can get the detached garage framed up.

Framing of the first floor continues.

With the bracing done the 2nd floor joists can be layed out and installed the plywood layed down and nailed off.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Now that the foundation has had time to cure and the garage slab has been poured it is time to frame the home.

The treated plate has been bolted down to the foundation wall and the post and beams have been installed. The rim joists are placed on the perimeter of the building and the floor joists are measured and layed out for installation.

The subfloor is 3/4" T&G and is nailed to the floor joists after apply construction adhesive to the top flange of the joists.

With the subfloor now in place the exterior walls are ready to be built. The bottom and top plates are measured and cut and are marked for window and door placement. The studs are marked at 16" on center and the studs, cripples and headers are all nailed into place. Sheathing is applied to the exterior side, and the wall is ready to stand.

As the walls are stood upright, they are checked for level and braced in place. This process continues untill all of the exterior walls have be built and braced.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Clean & Backfilled

Now that the foundation walls have been poured and the forms stripped away we can begin to clean up.

With the forms stripped, the foundation walls can now be waterproofed.

It is always good to get the foundation cleaned up and backfilled. We now have a good level site on which to construct the home.

We will be moving into the framing stage later this week, after a few more days of allowing the concrete to cure. Framing is an exciting phase of the construction as every day you can see progress. That cannot be said about all the phases of the project. Some seem to drag on forever, with little progress, but each day a little bit more gets done. With framing you begin to see the house take shape. You can envision each room as it goes up. Think about how you're going to use it and furnish it. That is real meat & potatoes stuff.

We will have the lumber delivered sometime today for the floor package. That is the treated plate with sill seal to go onto the foundation wall. The treated 4x4 posts and the 4x10 DF beams that will hold the floor. The TJI engineered floor joists that make up the floor platform and the 3/4" OSB T&G that is the subfloor membrane. All of that should be done by the middle of next week and then come the walls.

Along the way, in the coming weeks, we'll be ordering the window and door package and before you know it, the sum of the parts will begin to resemble a finished product.

Stay tuned.

Remember, if you have any comments or questions about your own project, just give me a shout and I'll be able to guide you through the process.